Monday, April 23, 2007 Aitkin MN.56431

Legal Notice of Claims: via: this blog of Insurance Fraud, Anti-Trust

MS 609.86 Commerical Bribery against Sharon's Insurance Carrier and Aitkin Co.
US Dist. Crt. 02-0332

Rich Wheeler- Car & Homeowners PO no 3665031560

Insurance Masters, 855 VILLAGE CENTER DR # 348 ST PAUL, MN 55127-3016 0.45 miles distant, 651-483-4312, unknown. Allstate, Lynn Anderson, 470 HIGHWAY 96 W ... corruption of Aitkin Co and Sheriff Scott Turner
TAKING DL_AOL Journal Bio for Sharon Anderson

COUNT I: Antitrust issues:Re: US Dist.02-0332 (JR) has wilfully failed to settle my insurance claim over 1 year ago full damages/loss's of the Aitkin Property. DisciplinaryBradley C. RhodesAitkinCoAttorney, Gun Lake Association, et al., Relators, vs. County of Aitkin, individually and George Shetka, Respondent, vs. Aitkin County, Minnesota, Appellant. C7-96-2147

COUNT II: Ins. Masters ie: Rich Wheeler Broker have failed to notify Sharon of cancellation of Homeowners Policy? Why,When,What for.

Minnesota Department of Commerce
MS 609.671Haz waste,Envir

COUNT III: For 5 years approx. $140.00 dollars monthly have been debited from Sharon's account for coverage.

COUNT IV: Sharons new MKT. V for Aitkin is $96,800.00 if policy is cancelled without notice, must trigger State & Federal Investigations into Insurance Fraud by Agents, Bank Fraud by "taking" without coverage etc.

corruption of Aitkin Sheriff Scott Turner and others Bio for Sharon Anderson

42 USC 3631DL taking working on finding files etc.Legal Eagle SharonAnderson 1

MS 609.911 RICO CivilMS 609.765 Crim Defamation

Dear Sharon,Fraud Hotline

Thank you for contacting MetLife Auto & Home.

Please respond with your specific service request and I will be happy to
help you.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to
contact me.


MetLife Auto & Home Online Customer Service

Original Message Follows:
From: via A&H/eAuto &
Date: 4/23/2007 5:22:03 PM
Subject: Customer Contact Us from Sharon Anderson on 04.23.2007
at05:21:54 PM: Information Request

Customer Contact Us from Sharon Anderson on 04.23.2007 at 05:21:54 PM:
Information RequestDoes this question or comment involve a specific
product that you own?: Yes
The type of product that is owned: Auto&Home
The MetLife company that issued the product: MetLife
The nature of this question or comment: Product
Contract or Policy Number: PO no
Email Address:
First Name: Sharon
Last name: Anderson
Street Address: PO Box 4384

City: St. Paul
State: MN
Zip Code: 551040384
Home Phone Number: (651) 776-5835
Business Phone Number:
Question: Claim ignored

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