Monday, October 5, 2009

42741-321stpl Aitkin Tax pd in full

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Aitkin County, MN
Real Estate Tax
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Payer Information
First Name:Sharon
Middle Name:Lea
Last Name:Anderson
Street Address:42741-321st
Zip Code:56431
Country:United States
Daytime Phone Number:(651) 776 - 5835
Parcel Number:080031008
Check Information
Account Type:Checking Account
Pay to the order of Aitkin County - Real Estate Tax
Three hundred three dollars
Payment Information
Payment Type:Real Estate Tax
Payment Amount:$303.00
Transaction Fee:
$2.75 Note: A second, non-refundable debit for the transaction fee will be payable to Official Payments Corporation and appear as a separate transaction on your bank statement.
Total Payment:$305.75

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