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Congressional Testimony: Timothy Klatke to Bill Windsor of Lawless Ameri...

8/15/2012 Please google Bad Behavior of Judge John Solien Thank You
Aitkin County Court Administration

Aitkin County Courthouse

209 second St. NW

Aitkin, MN 56431

RE; Incomplete Court File # 01-CR-12-318, per my visit to the courthouse on 8/14/2012 and my conversation prior with my victims advocate Jessica Brown on the documents with-in the file, that were not presented to me.
I Timothy Klatke want this information included in the above named court file as our statement and amended statements in state of Minnesota vs. Douglas Lamont Landrus because the state didn’t uphold our civil, constitutional or property rights in this and other matters.
Letter dates are,

3/24/2003 letter to John Welle

3/26/2003 letter to Lonnie Thomas

8/27/2003 letter to Doug Landrus

9/4/2003 letter to Tom Murtha

1/14/2012 letter from Bob Mlynar

1/19/2012 letter from Iverson / Reuvers

1/25/2012 letter to Bob Mlynar

1/31/2012 letter from Bob Mlynar

2/1/2012 letter to Tom Provost

2/2/2012 letter to Ratz, Iverson, FBI

2/26/2012 letter to Ratz, Kuboushek, FBI

4/10/2012 letter to Jessica Brown

5/1/2012 letter to James Ratz / Ben Smith

5/1/2012 letter to all addressed
Minnesota Stats. For this case.
Minn Stat. 343.20 Animal Cruelty - 10,000 and/or imprisonment up to 4 years.

Minn Stat. 609.749 Stalking Penalties
Also in this visit I went to the sheriff’s office to check on the status of the court ordered no contact violation I called in to the ACSD on 7/31/2012, officer Terry Neimeyer badge # 207, the sheriff’s office said it was processed on 8/1/2012 and sent up to the county attorney, I said James Ratz and they said yes, I then went up to the CAO and made an inquiry, the staff checked with Jimmy and said it is being processed, 14 days on a court ordered no contact and the defendant is not arrested for violating a court order and put in jail pending his court appearance on 8/21/2012, further proof that the kangaroo court is in session. See or contact Jimmy Ratz or Jessica Brown or Scott Turner for Exhibits or complete supporting documents. If Judge John R. Solien or any one else, rules that these material facts or statements are inadmissible or not allowed in the file, they will be aiding in the state and federal governments crimes.

P. S. Can you please take the phrase Honorable from in front of John R. Soliens description, he is really doing a disservice to that word.


Timothy Klatke

Jimmy Ratz, Aitkin County Attorney

John R. Solien, Aitkin District Judge

Scott Turner, Aitkin County Sheriff

Jessica Brown, Victim Services

Tom Landwehr, DNR Commissioner

Lori Swanson, Attorney General

Boelter & McCabe, FBI MN.

Senator; Amy Klobuchar

Al Franken

Warren Limmer

Representative Joyce Peppin

Congressman Eric Paulsen

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