Saturday, May 11, 2013

42741-321stplSharonAnderson_Aitkin MN

PINTax DistrictOwner NameOwner Address 1Owner Address 2Owner Address 3Owner Address 4TownshipSectionRangePhysical AddressPhysical CityPhysical ZipSubdivisionLake NumberLake NameLegal DescriptionDeeded AcresSchool DistrictSchool District NameClass 1Class 1 Desc.Class 2Class 2 Desc.Class 3Class 3 Desc.HomesteadHomestead Desc.Assessment YearEst. Land ValueEst. Building ValueEst. Total ValuePrev. Yr. Taxable Mkt. ValueNet TaxTotal Special AssessmentCurrent Year Total TaxCurrent Year Balance DueTax Delinquent
RemoveSelect08-0-031302FLEMING TWPLEE, DAN G & NORMAN C23760 141ST AVENUE NROGERS MN 55374 48202542849 324th PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKE.81 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 3663020.811AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead2013147300912002385002395001798017981798NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031009FLEMING TWPTOWNSHIP OF FLEMING 482025 0 .07 AC OF GOVT LOT 70.071AITKIN776Municipal - All Other0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead2013100010000000NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031202FLEMING TWPTABOLICH, JOHN & PATRICIA42795 320TH PLACEAITKIN MN 56431 48202542795 320th PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEPART OF W 300 FT OF E 400 FT OF LOT 7 AS IN DOC #187218 & #229749 LESS .04 AC4.061AITKIN201Residential 1 unit0Unclassified0Unclassified1Owner Homestead20131330001128002458002341001158011581158NO
RemoveSelect08-0-030800FLEMING TWPTABOLICH, JOHN & PATRICIA42795 320TH PLACEAITKIN MN 56431 482025 10099GUN LAKE.76 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 2216290.761AITKIN201Residential 1 unit0Unclassified0Unclassified1Owner Homestead201322800260025400254001560156156NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031001FLEMING TWPSCHOEBEN, JOLENE42777 320TH PLAITKIN MN 56431 48202542777 320th PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKE21.05 AC OF LOT 7 LESS 10.29 AC & LESS PLAT1.131AITKIN201Residential 1 unit0Unclassified0Unclassified1Owner Homestead201379800607001405001170004420442221NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031005FLEMING TWPVLIET, JAMES & SHERRILL1918 CO RD 2500 NTHOMASBORO IL 61878 48202542795 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEAPPROX .23 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 1678130.231AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead201384600190001036001046007280728364NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031004FLEMING TWPSWENSON, DARYL L & LAURA L1798 LIBERTY STMORA MN 55051 48202542789 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEAPPROX .34 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 3480210.341AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead2013701001530085400864005840584584NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031003FLEMING TWPSWENSON, DARYL L1798 LIBERTY STMORA MN 55051 48202542783 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEAPPROX .17 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 1666780.171AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead2013665002860095100961006600660660NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031002FLEMING TWPHALLBECK, WILLIAM E & BETTY42775 321ST PLACEAITKIN MN 56431 48202542775 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEAPPROX .55 AC OF LOT 7 IN DOC 1713520.551AITKIN203Residential 1 unit Previously SRR0Unclassified0Unclassified1Owner Homestead201395500428001383001146004280428214NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031008FLEMING TWPANDERSON, SHARONPO BOX 4384ST PAUL MN 55104 48202542741 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKE1.81 ACS OF LOT 71.811AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead2013428004690089700907006180618618NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031303FLEMING TWPWHITE, DENNIS L & SARAH F17018 SHERWOOD RDMINNETONKA MN 55345 48202542733 321st PlAITKIN56431 10099GUN LAKEAPPROX 3 AC IN LOT 7 AS IN DOC 267055 LESS 1.58 AC IN DOC 268935 LESS 1.01 AC IN DOC 2689990.941AITKIN151Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational0Unclassified0Unclassified0Non Homestead201317240052400224800225800168801688844NO
RemoveSelect08-0-031305FLEMING TWPCALDWELL, JAMES E & PAULA A42729 321ST PLACE

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