Monday, October 19, 2015


Mon 19OCT2015 Affiant pursuant to Penalty of Perjury
State and Allege The Courts,Judges,Lawyers,Attorneys,Sheriffs
have Terrorized the Citizenery via Bogus Restraining Orders.
Constituting Unfair Campaign Practices re Denial Due Process and Police Protection.
Their Appointments on the State Commitment Panels is Bizzare
Sharon must expose Elder Abuse now that the Black Judge David Higgs is on Commitment Panel also re Mrs. Darlene Winter Restraining Mrs. Sharon Anderson via Darlenes Daughter Barb Winter and Lawyer Bruce Beck. MNCIS 62-pr-14-696 unabated by County Attorney John Choi.
03/06/2015 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 53
03/06/2015 Correspondence Doc ID# 54
04/07/2015 Inventory Doc ID# 55
09/02/2015 Petition-Other Doc ID# 56
09/02/2015 Affidavit-Other Doc ID# 57
09/02/2015 Proposed Order or Document Doc ID# 58
09/02/2015 Proposed Order or Document Doc ID# 59
09/14/2015 Notice of Hearing Doc ID# 60
10/19/2015 Appraisal Doc ID# 61
10/19/2015 Appraisal Doc ID# 62
10/19/2015 Proposed Order or Document Doc ID# 63
10/19/2015 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 64
10/20/2015 Probate Hearing (2:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Olson,Joel ,)
Minnesota Morality due to Covert Restraining Orders
Candidate Mrs. Sharon Anderson VA Widow for the Safety of the Public has declined the Forums at Central Tower and Superior Street Cottages. Affiant has been denied her Commerce and Property Rights via Sheriff Scott Turner actin in concort with Judges Lois Lang,Solien, Maturi,Hawkinson, with lawyer Habecorn et al since 2001 Death.
in Aitkin

Aitkin Co. Deputy Fatally Shot By Hospital Patient, Suspect Died ...

CBS Local-16 hours ago
(WCCO) – A veteran Aitkin County deputy is dead after being shot by the ... Sandberg, a 24-year veteran of the Aitkin County Sheriff's Office, ...
IN Grazzini Judge David Knutson all sitting on State Commitment Panel
We discussed this bizarre case of two missing Lakeville teens on several episodes of Holding Court with Michael Brodkorb. Hear those conversations by downloading the episodes on the "Holding Court" app or on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.
Police issue a warrant for Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, say new evidence links her to girls’ disappearance.

Sam Grazzini-Rucki Files Federal Lawsuit Against (Judge ...
Sep 17, 2013 - Ju

Sam Grazzini-Rucki Files Federal Lawsuit Against (Judge ...
Sep 17, 2013 - Judge David Knutson has violated all of Sam Grazzini-Rucki`s constitutional rights and ..... 2 thoughts on “Federal Lawsuits Against Judges”.

Judge David L. Knutson Jails Sam Grazzini-Rucki`s Lawyer ...
Sep 29, 2013 - Attorney held overnight without charges. Dakota County has not filed any charges against Attorney MacDonald to date. Affidavit of Michelle L.
David Knutson has violated all of Sam Grazzini-Rucki`s constitutional rights and ..... 2 thoughts on “Federal Lawsuits Against Judges”.

Judge David L. Knutson Jails Sam Grazzini-Rucki`s Lawyer ...
Sep 29, 2013 - Attorney held overnight without charges. Dakota County has not filed any charges against Attorney MacDonald to date. Affidavit of Michelle L.
Working on a Petition re Illegal Restraining Orders currently by Probate Court David Higgs, Judge Robert Aswumb againt Mrs. Sharon Anderson, served on the Salvation Army,
Court Hearing Tues 20OCT15, 62pr14-696
For the Protection of the Elderly,Disabled
Scrool to Corrections

Ward 2 Saint Paul City Council
Candidate Forum, 10-14-15 ...
15 hours ago
- Uploaded by MySPNN
Watch more videos at
Held at the historic CSPS Sokol Hall on West Seventh Street
Sharons Response Look Back
In a message dated 10/5/2015 3:55:25 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Dale Mischke and John Wadell, the Villager editors

Villager Editors



Villager City Council Candidates Survey
Dear St. Paul City Council candidate: If e-mail is not an option for you, return your survey by fax to 651-699-6501 or by mail to 757 S. Snelling Ave., St. Paul, MN 651-699-1462.
Biographical information:
Name: Mrs. Sharon Anderson
Home Address: Legal Residence 1058 Summit, mailing 697 Surrey Ave St. Paul,MN
Age: NA
Occupation and Employer:
Retired RealEstate Entreprenuer, Legal Research Analyst,former Waitress,Bartendar,Hobby Politics, Consumer Advocate, uses Social Media to Campaign, Facebook,Twitter,Linkendin, etc. God,Gates and Google re Sharon4Anderson vs. City St. Paul,MN
College of Hard Knocks St. Paul Central Grad Self Taught Blogger, PC nerd, Whistleblower,Every Campaign is Educational.
Party affiliation: Republican
Party endorsements: Not seeking any, also never has taken any Campaign Moneys only Spent Filing Fees
1. What is the biggest challenge facing St. Paul, and how would you address it? (Please limit your answer to 100 words.)
Parking, Fair Housing,Elder Abuse, Police Brutality,
Executive Branch appointing Outside Counsel, Sharon must expose Secret Courts ie Commitments,, illegal use of Restraining Orders.
Eliminate DSI ,Building Inspectors harassing Citizenery without Formal Complaints, Constitutional Guarantees , must throw out if Due Process not given. Buck stops at the Legislative Council.
Estopp Jerry Henderickson from Simulating legal process on the Backs of the Poor, Disavantaged, Homeowners,
Settle with the Landlords re USSC 10-1032 MN SUPREME COURT unabated by Government lawyers.
Expose SCAP Members. due to the Resignation/Retirements of Judge Kathleen Gearin,Joanne Smith and Gregg Johnson attach files.
2. What would you do to improve the business climate and create jobs in St. Paul? (Please limit your answer to 100 words.)
Eliminate the Hostile Enviornment of City Hall vs. Citizenery by downsizing Goverment, If no Money in the Budget, than No Honey Tax and Spend hardship on the Homeowners.
3. What can the city do on its own to hold down property tax increases, and how would you accomplish that? (Please limit your answer to 100 words.)
Downsize Government, Hold the Line on Spending or Draw the Line , St. Paul is Sinking in the Fidicuary Mess of Spending.
4. What distinguishes you from your opponents in the race? Why should the voters elect you? (Please limit your answer to 100 words.) Sharon VA Widow, Whistleblower has for years exposed the Ponzi Taxing Scheme of City St. Paul , agents, assigns, similarily situated. Sharon alleges 2 of the 6 Candidates are Insiders, rubber stamped and Employed by Chris Coleman, constituting Insider Trading4Pecuniary Gain.
Sharon is exposing Non Profits tax exempt status
Hosko,Knocker with Faith Based Religion will have Conflict with Sharia Laws, explosion of Muslin,Asian, Iran vs. Israel, Population, Sharon has no Ax to Grind, Impartial, Legal Research Analyst, Respect4 all Religions.
Darren has for years as a County Employee covered up the Lou Mckenna and now Mark Oswald Elections and Tax Supervisor, Forensic Files
Forever Grateful that Pat Fearing and Michael Johnson are also Candidates exposing City Hall Covert Discrimination vs. Citizenery.

LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:
Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, Sharons Informal Brief re: FIAFEA_FIRREA_A09-2031 Ă‚« Sharon4andersonĂ¢??s Weblog
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. FindLaw:KELO V NEWLONDON Supreme Court Center: Docket: February 2005 Cases
Ch.119 Sections 2510-2521 et seq., governs distribution of this "Message,"
including attachments, may contain the originator's
proprietary information. The originator hereby notifies
recipients Message review, dissemination, copying, and content-based
actions. Authorized carriers of this message
shall expeditiously deliver this Message to intended recipients. See: Quon
v. Arch.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


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Aitkin County, MN 

Real Estate Tax

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