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Subj: EMFs, The Microbiome – solutions for chronic disease

Hi Sharon4anderson,

EMFs can impact the body in many different ways.

One way of understanding these effects is through the microbes that live inside us and that form part of us.

These microbes are collectively called the microbiome.

There are those that say “microbes maketh the man”.

One of them is Prof. Trevor Marshall.

His particular interest is the microbes that live in the tissues and cells of the human body.

He’s found a treatment which reactivates and stimulates the immune system.

He set up a participatory study to test the effectiveness of the treatment.

He found that the treatment worked remarkably well, an 80% reduction in disease and symptoms for a long list of diseases.

Prof. Marshall started to ask himself why the other 20% weren’t responding.

Observing what the cells were doing under the microscope he noticed that everything was changing, charges were moving as if there were waves.....microwaves.

This work lead him to discover some innovative solutions for dealing with EMFs.

Prof. Marshall is my next interview guest.

Lloyd Burrell

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